About Us

At Musée Noir, we’ve set out to create a true fashion house - with design, manufacture and sale all taking place in our Camden store. This not only allows us to have complete control over the entire manufacturing process, but also to create exclusive one-off in-store designs and offer a bespoke service to our clients.

Our design philosophy focuses on clean cuts and sleek silhouettes with a minimalist sense of style. with everyday wearability central to our design process. The small, more subtle details in each of our garments are designed to create an elegant look without appearing ostentatious.

Our store takes a natural and earthy feel in it’s design, utilising concrete textured walls, tree trunks and pebbles to bring the urban and natural environments together for a unique shopping space in the heart of London. Added to this, are a selection of complementary accessories from brands across the globe to complete the Musée Noir shopping experience.